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In accordance with article 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan proclaims itself a democratic, secular, legal and social state whose highest values are an individual, his life, rights and freedoms.

SECULARISM IS: - separation of state from religion and religious associations;

  • - equality of citizens irrespective of their attitude to religion;
  • - getting  citizens to freedom of religion or abandoning it;
  • - prevention of propaganda of all creeds in educational institutions, except religious educational establishments; regulation of social relations in society by the laws of the country and not religious dogmas.


Destructive religious movements pose a threat to public safety, the institution of marriage and the family, physical and mental health. Their adherents: reject national values, traditions and customs of all ethnic groups living  in Kazakhstan (including the celebration of Nauryz, national ceremonies "Beth Ashar", "Salem Salo", reading Quran for the dead, etc.);

  • - aggressive attitude to secular States, secular lifestyle;
  • - disrespecting public holidays and state symbols;
  • - not recognized mazhabs (religious schools established in Central Asia and other regions of the Muslim world), including the Hanafi madhhab, which is shared by the majority of Muslims of Kazakhstan;
  • - believe followers of traditional for Kazakhstan Islam, apostates from the faith are intolerant of other religions and people who do not profess any religion;
  • - aggressive attitude to modern forms of culture and art (music, ballet, fine arts, etc.);
  • - refuse to perform the duties established by law (serving in the army, getting compulsory secondary education, etc.);
  • - refuse certain types of medical procedures (blood transfusion, vaccination, organ transplantation, etc.);
  • - urge not to visit separate subjects, conducted in educational institutions (biology, physical culture, singing, drawing etc.).



If You want to obtain reliable information on the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of religion, we recommend you visit the following sites



  1. The official Internet resource of the Ministry of religious Affairs and civil society of RK
  2. The website of RSE "Scientific-research and analytical centre for religions" -""
  3. The site RGU "international center of cultures and religions" - ""


If You want to get reliable information on Islam, please visit the following websites

  1. ""
  2. ""
  3. ""
  4. ""
  5. ""
  6. ""
  7. ""
  8. ""
  9. ""
  10. ""

TRUE JIHAD is a struggle with their passions

The concept of Jihad is misrepresented by the representatives of radical religious movements. They understand Jihad as armed warfare against infidels. In fact, the word "Jihad" in Arabic means zeal of a man to achieve a certain goal. True Jihad is:

  • - self-correction of their own shortcomings;
  • - spiritual cleansing;
  • - elimination in such bad qualities, kazaviti, greed, sloth and pride;
  • - improvement in itself humanistic values;
  • - to overcome weaknesses, temptations and enticements.



Today the country has a special line of communication, providing advice to those affected by the activities of pseudo-religious organizations and radical movements.

CALL us!


  • - You and Your family came under the influence of questionable people or organizations religious orientation;
  • - You and Your loved ones were in difficult situations due to problems of a religious nature;
  • - You or Your family need advice and help of experts in the field of religion.


At the akimats of Astana, Almaty cities and regions are CENTRES of RESEARCH of problems of RELIGIONS.

Institutions are implementing the following activities:


  • - awareness-advocacy activities;
  • - providing psychological and legal consultations, services on rehabilitation of persons affected by the activities of destructive religious movements;
  • - organization of work of the hotline (Hot line) on matters of religion, the provision of psychological Advisory, legal and social assistance to persons affected by the activities of destructive religious movements.


Addresses and telephone numbers of these agencies can be obtained by calling the "Hot line-114".


The Committee on Affairs of religions of RK 





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