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Dear teachers, students and parents! 

Psychological Service InEU College welcomes you and hopes that you will be frequent visitors of our site!

The main objectives of psychological service are:

•Provide psychological and pedagogical conditions most favorable to the personal development of each student.

•Provide a comprehensive social and educational support to all participants of the educational process of the college.

In the arsenal, there are many methods of work, such as workshops, seminars, discussions, lectures, individual and group counseling.

On our site you can ask questions psychologist and get a qualified answer. Questions sent to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All your questions will be answered teacher - psychologist Tamara G. Smirnova. 




Tamara G 


Education: Innovative University of Eurasia 

Occupation: "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2007. 


Mode of operation of the psychologist:

Monday - Friday from 9 to 12:30.

Saturday from 9 to 11:30.

Contact:  Lomov street  45, Block 2 College InEU, office 201.



Hotline is "150" to provide legal, psychological and counseling assistance to children in difficult life situations.

In case of revealing facts of abuse (domestic violence, labor and sexual exploitation) call on the national hotline "11616", accessible from landlines and mobile phones.


Psychologist's advice


September - the beginning of the new academic year. Yesterday you were a prospective student, and now you're a college student. And then it turns out that to go to college - half the battle is more difficult to adapt to the new environment, change from yesterday's student in this student.

You took the first step into adulthood. You went to college and you can safely call himself - the student. You've achieved a lot by profession. This is the beginning of the path. You'll get a wonderful student life, full of independence and responsibility. The learning process will be very different from what you're used - from the study school. A student has more autonomy than a schoolboy. Teachers will treat you as an adult man, leaving you more rights than the teachers in the school. And how do you dispose of their freedom, whether you would skip class or to accept particular zeal for study, depends on you. The right choice for the student and given to himself in control of his actions, and as an adult he studied for them to respond.

 College atmosphere had a favorable effect on many students yesterday. They are very different people: more active, proactive, open, creative. The main thing - do not be afraid to express themselves, not to be lost.


The main difficulties in the years in college are for  those students who have chosen the profession is not as desired, and at the behest of their parents. Do these guys have problems with academic performance, then it is difficult to take the session. Chosen profession becomes a burden.

The main thing to remember: you are free to choose where and what to study. And if you do not like a specialty, it can be changed. Take for what you're interested in!

Another difficulty lies in the fact that, no matter what you may remarkable success achieved in the same place of study, here you are alone. Do not try to immediately prove to everyone how much you "cool" and how easily you all given. Education - not a sprint, but a marathon. It is better to look around and meet with local rules and traditions. Maybe you have a little bit to adjust to them, or to change the habits and lifestyle.

It does not matter that you do not know anyone else. In the first semester after the announcement and did not miss anything interesting. Do not be afraid to take part in activities that you at least a little carried away: sport, art. In our college there are student clubs, where is full of potential friends? The main thing - do not become isolated and do not be shy. Joint exercises and helps unite friends.

Do not panic if you will be uncomfortable! It always happens in the new location. The main thing - carefully perceive what is happening around, try to choose a new connection, because you have to for a few years to see these people. It is also important not to succumb to the herd instinct. If you have to change your lifestyle because of the study - that's not a reason to be the same as the majority around you. Do not be afraid to keep their individuality and stand out from the crowd.

Adaptation should take place calmly, without haste.

Dear college student, it's safe to say that all the points of the "I" apart, and you can easily and smoothly adapt to college.

1 Smile.

The new team, try to smile more often. At the beginning of your stay in the team of your first impression is formed. If you are tense and surly, the collective will develop accordingly. In the long term impact on the first impression of you will be incredibly difficult.

2 Do not behave arrogantly.

Change of place - it's always stressful. In the early days of being in a team man (especially if he is shy and self-conscious), often tend to behave stress, avoid contact, withdraw into themselves. This is because the occurrence of the team is stressful for anyone. Your attitude is coldish can be regarded as arrogance. Therefore, no matter how difficult the first few days, try not to "shut down" of people to contact, ask for help and smile.

3 Be goodwill

Be respectful to fellow students and teachers.

4 Take your team for what it is.

Accept people as they are very difficult. Want people to be such as we want them to see. And they are different - each with their own experience and baggage problems. Do not worry and do not be offended, do not get angry and do not seek to alter the individual - it is impossible. Cultivate patience.

5 Learn to hard work and not be lazy.

Remember, you are in full view of the team and his opinion of you can cost you dearly, or vice versa to be a good start for a new relationship.

6 Be prepared to help others.

If you see that your classmates have a problem, and you have free time, ask him to help. Your desire to help positively appreciate and your classmates, and teachers.

7 Be honest, do not lie.

Remember, "there is nothing hidden that will not be made manifest." The best time to report an error, than to wait in fear that it will open and will be punished. In complex situations, not tricky, and not shift.

8 Do not talk and do not judge others.

9 Train your ability to find common ground with the students of the group

If you notice that there is a division in the team on the micro-groups, try not to go in them and communicate with everyone. This will avoid a lot of trouble. People in the team are subject to change.

I wish you success!

Make a daily routine. Try to abide by it. Analyze the end of the day, what has been done and what is not.

2 Go to bed no later than 23 hours. Needs eight hours of sleep.

3 Properly Organize your life, with less time.

4 Eat at least three times a day.

5 Whether the open air at least two hours a day. It makes you feel good.

6 Engage in physical activity throughout the day.

7 maintain their health by hardening

8 Observe good personal hygiene.

9 Keep the psychological comfort. Strive not and do not conflict, do not be offended.

10.Bud polite with students and teachers.

11.Bolshe communicate with fellow students. Build their relations on the basis of goodwill.

12.Bud accurate.

13.Sobirayas college, repeat a brief summary of the subjects, as in the morning the memory runs several times more productive.

14.Na classroom content of the new material you try to pass through itself. Outlines in the form of generalizations schemes.

15.Doma in preparing briefs try all utter aloud, do the manipulation, to learn the subject.

16.Uchis work independently with teaching aids.

Learn how to properly outline the textbook in the form of theses, logical - block diagrams, generalizations.

17.Razvivay ability to relax and relieve stress. Discharge methods may include: breathing exercises, walking in the fresh air, physical culture and sports, socializing with friends, watching movies and listening to soft music, cleaning, hobbies (knitting, sewing, games, etc.). 


 "The family is the environment in which people learn,

and he does good" V. A. Sukhomlinsky.

The family is the most precious and dear thing for each person. This loved ones and  traditions that we pick up from generation to generation, it warms us with its kindness and selflessness and help to go further. In modern conditions, when the majority of families concerned by the decision problems of an economic, and sometimes physical survival, the tendency of many parents disengagement from education and personal development of the child, especially the teenager. Parents, not possessing sufficient knowledge of age and individual peculiarities of a child's development, sometimes carry out the education intuitively. All this, as a rule, does not bring positive results. And the family is the child's world in which the foundations of morality, relationship to people. Members of the family unite and kinship, love, share interests. The Family code States: "Parents are the first teachers". It is really so. Educational influence of the family is large and, unfortunately, not always positively. From what the psychological climate in the family, what the relationships, traditions, customs, depends largely on the personality of the child in the future. Where parents in families pay great attention to the formation of traditions and customs of families, children more confident enter the world of adults socialized. InEU College in cooperation with the Public Fund "BES ASYL" under the grant support  of the "Fund of youth initiatives" (Astana) and the project "Me and my role in the family" spent a number of activities on formation of the youth family values, conscious attitude towards oneself, the family and responsibility for their behavior. On December 18-19, 2014 in InEU College psychologist, Smirnova T. G. had the psychological diagnosis using the following methods: Test "What is the emotional atmosphere in my family?"; Test "Balance Wheel". The test results showed that in most families there is a good and a favorable emotional atmosphere, but still there are respondents, which point that in these families there are no family traditions, family values and sometimes there is no understanding between family members. But these families can cope with the negativity, make positive family and improve the emotional atmosphere in the family, taking care of the middle. With the aim of raising the prestige of fatherhood and motherhood, youth orientation on the formation of the responsibility for the birth and upbringing of children, the formation of motivation of young people to create the family and its values on the second February 2015 psychologist, Smirnova T. G.  held the training "My family, my wealth" to 1st year students.


Students of group D - 114 actively participated in the training, with interest performed each task.

They worked on cards with positive phrases and called the words associated with the concept of "Family". Raised tree "family values".

They played a role playing game “ My family” and  created family, distributing the roles in each family.

They prepared an interesting presentation about the family.

During the training young people gained knowledge on family issues, learned the basics of the subsidiary techniques for constructive interaction within the family, but also with the basic methods the ability to build family relationships.

Review guys - the participants - the event was held at a high level. Particularly interesting was the role-playing game "My family". Students with great enthusiasm participated in the game "Trip to the store". He remembered the family tradition of "Piggy Bank of ideas for strengthening family traditions" and added to the Treasury of new traditions, during which the boys have discovered the world of family values. On February 2, 2015 in InEU College held a training for students, which involved thirty-five students of various disciplines. Project Manager Askarova Lasat Kazhitaevna tested their author experience: role play "Otbasy" and "Beshbarmak", where students discovered the world of traditional family values, which always kept the Kazakh society and laid the foundations of a love for his native land and people, discussed the role of each member in the family, as well as the strategy of creating a modern egalitarian family. 


All information contained in the memo addressed to you in person, adolescent – younger person. Although, we, adults, think this text makes sense to definitely read and parents, your friend, not just any people with children.


WHAT IS A SUICIDE? We will talk about difficult things. We will try to understand that such a suicide and suicide attempt, we will try to learn to recognize the signs of impending danger, we learn what to do, not to be frightened and manage to help the friend or simply familiar contemporary to find a way out of the crisis, namely the release and not care. After all, suicide is a care, withdrawal from solution, from punishment and shame, humiliation and despair, disappointment and loss rejected and loss of self-esteem... in short, all that comprises the diversity of life, albeit not in the most iridescent manifestations. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUICIDE? As the suicide threatens every year life of many thousands of young people, all teenagers have to imagine, "what is suicide and how to fight it". Remember, for fight against a suicide one person - you. Before you assist a friend who is going to commit suicide, it is important to have basic information about suicide and the suicides. It is especially important to be aware of misinformation about a suicide which extends much quicker, than reliable information. 

Important information number 1. 

Suicide is a leading cause of death among today's youth. Suicide — "killer No. 2" young people aged fifteen to twenty four years. "Killer No. 1" are accidents, including overdose of drugs, road incidents, falling from bridges and buildings, self-poisoning. In the opinion of the suicides, many of these accidents actually were the suicides disguised as accidents. If the suicides are right, then the main "killer" of Teens is suicide. Sometimes the death admits a suicide only when committed suicide left a suicide note; however, the majority of those who decided to part with life, notes, as a rule, do not leave. Sometimes you just can't tell, was this or that violent death suicide therefore the "suicide" includes only cases that do not raise any doubts. Researches show that quite serious thoughts about suicide, arise at every fifth teenager. Over the years, the suicide younger: think about suicide, attempt suicide and end up just another child. In the next ten years, the number of suicides will grow most rapidly in adolescents aged ten to fourteen years. 

Important information No. 2. 

Usually suicide happens without warning. Most teenagers who tried to commit suicide almost always warned about the intention: spoke, did something that was a hint, a warning that they were in a desperate situation and think about death. About his plans to part with life do not share with others only a few. Someone from friends is in the course of the whole affair. 

Important information No. 3. 

Suicide can be prevented. There is an opinion that if the teenager made the decision to part with life, to stop him. It is also believed that if the adolescent failed to kill herself the first time, he will make suicide attempts again and again, until, until you succeed. In fact, young people try, as a rule, suicide only once. The majority of them constitute danger for themselves only continued a short time — from 24 to 72 hours. If someone intervenes in their plans and will assist, more to encroach on their lives they will never be. 

Important information No. 4. 

Talking about suicide does not suggest teenagers thinking about suicide. There is a point of view as if talk with teenagers on suicide-related topics are of considerable danger, as they may want to experience this danger for yourself. You must have heard talk that you cannot, say, talking to youth about drugs because then they might want to try them. It is impossible to talk with them about sex because then they will have sex, etc. Following this logic, some parents, teachers, psychologists avoid the word suicide because are afraid to bring their wards an idea of violent death. Actually conversation with the teenager on a suicide does not provoke its suicide to make. On the contrary, teenagers have an opportunity openly to say that torments them for a long time already, do not let them rest. If someone from your acquaintances as if accidentally, starts conversation on suicide, so she or he had long been think of it and anything new you about suicide won't tell. Moreover, your willingness to support this "dangerous" theme will give the other the opportunity to speak out, — suicidal thoughts, which I share with the interlocutor, stop being thoughts of suicide dangerous. 

Important information No. 5. 

Suicide is not inherited. From mother you can inherit color of eyes, from the Pope — the freckles on his nose; suicidal ideas by inheritance is not transmitted. However, if someone in your family has committed suicide, you are at high risk of suicidal behaviour. Imagine, for example, a family where parents smoke much, drink or use drugs. In such family children risk to adopt bad habits of parents. For these children there is a so-called the factor of suggestion: parents can't teach bad things. Of course, children do not have to imitate their parents. For imitation they have the right to choose another, more positive example. 

Important information No. 6. 

The suicides, as a rule, mentally healthy. Since suicidal behavior is considered "abnormal" and "unhealthy", many people mistakenly believe that the suicides are "not yourself". Suicide confused with those who are mentally ill. There is even a viewpoint that the suicide threat not only for ourselves but for others. Yes, suicides can behave as abnormal, however their behavior is not a consequence of mental illness. Their acts and thoughts are inadequate only in that degree in what inadequate was their situation. In addition, most of the suicides do not pose a risk to others. They may be angry, but their irritation is directed only on themselves. As a rule, teenagers who make attempt to commit suicide, mentally sick are not and constitute danger only for themselves. For the most part they are in a state of acute emotional crisis and during a short period think of suicide. Moreover, the fact that mentally ill people often end up with him. Because of sharp differences of mood and inadequate behavior their life really turns into torture. However, your friends and acquaintances in the majority in this category do not belong. 

Important information No. 7. 

Anyone who talks about suicide, commits suicide. Out of ten depending on the seven adolescents shared their plans. Therefore, the majority of adolescents who talk about suicide are not joking. However, we have received from them "to dismiss". "He was joking", — we say, or think. — "She pretends" or, "This he says to draw attention to yourself!" Don't risk the life of their friend: once he has talked of suicide, so it's serious. 

Important information No. 8. 

Suicide is not just a way to draw attention to themselves. Often friends and parents turn a deaf ear to the words of a teenager: "I want to kill myself". It seems to them that the teenager achieves that paid attention, or that he just need something. Still, if your acquaintance started talking about suicide, he and really wants to attract attention. If you're a real friend, in this situation, you ought not to argue about why he needed to attract attention. Instead listen about what your friend says don't argue about what he was guided, recognizing that if your friend started conversation on suicide, so his life is really bad. So he decided on a desperate step. Even if he just "pretends" that wants to evoke the sympathy to be in the spotlight, this unusual behavior testifies that it got into trouble. Something surely happened. And best of all to treat its threats seriously. 

Important information No. 9. 

 Suicidal Teens believe their problems are serious. Different people look at the same situation, the same problem in different ways. What seems to one nonsense, can seem to another a doomsday. Perhaps you'd agree that children and adults often look at life differently. That's awful for you, for them nothing and Vice versa. You have, for example, a bad mood because you had a fight with his best friend, and the parents will say, "So what? You and without friends." To life different views not only parents and children. Even the closest friends can be different point of view: what "great" for you, one for your friend "lousy" and the other "normal". 

Important information no 10. 

Suicide is a consequence, not a trouble, and many. You've heard the expression: "the Last drop, which overfilled the Cup of patience"? The reasons leading to suicide, such dripping in the Cup drops. Each drop is nothing, two drops, ten drops never fill the bowl to the brim. Now, imagine that these drops are not even ten and not hundred, but thousands. At some point patience will be crowded. Usually people do not commit suicide because of one trouble. Mostly they try to die not because of one failure, but because of a series of failures. 

Important information no 11. 

Suicide can make every. To prevent suicide it would be easier if he did only certain adolescents. Unfortunately, type "suicidologi teen" it is impossible to determine. Teenagers from wealthy families prone to suicidal moods, no less than teenagers from the families needing. Committing suicide not only those teenagers who badly study and with anybody do not get along, but also young people who have no problems at school or at home. At first glance you might think that someone is not threatened suicide, because she or he "has it all": money, friends, any pleasure... But prosperity is not a guarantee against suicide. It is important that your friends themselves say and do, how you feel, and not how much money they have, how do you think their carefree and happy life. 

Important information No. 12. 

 What "fun" is configured, the suicide, the greater the risk. The suicide of a teenager, who seems to have already leaves crisis, for many is a complete surprise. The majority of young people try to commit suicide only once in life; for the same teenagers who can make secondary suicide attempt, the most dangerous time — 80-100 days after the first attempt. After the first attempt to leave life teenagers feel continued support of others. Friends, parents, teachers, give them attention, and they have a feeling that all love them. However, sooner or later, most often approximately three months later, life returns to normal. Friends, parents and teachers still surround committed suicide considerable care, however life, as they say, takes its, have important business. Moreover, the mood at the teenager excellent here and all think the worst is over. However, made a suicide attempt, the teenager returns to normal state slower than it might seem. The fears and troubles that pushed him to suicide, not gone completely, still discernible. That is why this stage is most dangerous, all guardian of the teenager was minding my own business, he gets the impression that from it turned away, and he can come up with the idea to make another suicidal attempt to "return" the attention of others. To rid ourselves of suicidal intentions, teenagers need not less than three months. During this time, you may find that the situation hasn't changed: a girlfriend for him is not returned, the markers are no better, addiction to drugs or to alcohol the same strong. Then that they come up with the idea that the only way out repeated attempt to leave life. They are in pretty good shape and are starting to plan suicide attempt number two with redoubled zeal. In this case their friends should be alert. You may find that your friend after the first attempt thought again and "got better," he at this time conceived the second suicide, actively began to implement his intentions. He is thus absolutely happy, after all about himself he thinks: "Nothing, soon this will all be over". 

Information No. 13 is the most important: the friend can prevent suicide! From a caring, loving friend depends on many things. He can save life to suicide. Now imagine one of your friends shared with you his secret, said, for example, that wants to commit suicide. Admit it, if he didn't trust, and secrets not shared. And said your friend is with you, maybe that's because die-he didn't want to. To you he asked because believed to understand it can only you.







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