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Research work of students ( RWS ) is regarded as an essential part of our system of training highly qualified specialists able to search for the best solutions of social and economic problems .

The main forms of RWS in college are:

• Familiarizing teachers and students for research activities
• Creating conditions for the expansion of the medium of communication of teachers and students to develop their intellectual, creative and communication skills ;
• Regimentation of organizing research of students ;
• Attracting more students to research , promote the professional orientation , self-determination of students;
• Participation in common activities of the college, urban, regional, national and international scientific conferences , competitions.

In college of Innovative University of Eurasia there was created a scientific society of teachers and students - a voluntary association of teachers and students who seek a deeper understanding of the achievements in various fields of science, technology , culture and the development of creative thinking , intellectual initiative , independence, analytical approach to their own activities , acquiring skills and research skills . RWS is governed by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan . Scientific society has its own name , logo , slogan .

COUNCIL of Scientific Society:


1. Malgazhdarov K.A. - Head of the NIRS

2. Baigabulov  J.J.

3. Dzhakupova A.K.

4. Karmishina L.V.

5. Baltabaeva J.C.

6. Tortaeva А.К. 

7. Beksultanova А.M.

8. Kuzmenko U.V.

9. Zhumataeva S.T. 

10. Kashkenova А.М. 


1. Serikov Altinbek - Chairman of NIRS (g: M-215)

2. Abdullina Madina - Deputy. Chairman (SMS-116)

3. Tkacheva Olga (UiA-116)

4. Boiko Arina (NO - 215)

5. Sadikova Aidana (SMS-324)

6. Maibah Maria (UiA-215)

7. Akul Madan (PD-134)

8. Kundakpaeva Zhasmina (KiL-126)

9. Otarova Alua (P-126)

10. Ragimov Ali (TEU-314) 

Scientific conferences among students

March 1, 2014 in Pavlodar Innovative versatile college of Pavlodar held VII regional scientific-practical conference "Trends and prospects of development of modern education, economics and law." In the conference our college students took an active part . At the conference 12 research papers  were announced.

Results of the conference:

1st place in the section "natural and mathematical" took the student of  group KIL-113, Sibagatulina Botagoz (supervisor- Abylgazinova Rosa Kalymovna);

1st place in the section "Civil" took the student of group P-222, Duysembekova Camila (supervisor Kashkenova Aigul Mirashovna);

2nd place in the section "Humanities and Education" took the student of group HO-312 Danilchik Alina (supervisor Dzhakupova Ainash Kanzandinovna);

3 in the section "socio-social" took a student of group F-123 Bozkenov Tamerlane Kayyrkenovich (supervisor Malgazhdarov Kuat Alibekovich).

All participants and their scientific advisers were encouraged certificates.

Director of college Tazhenov Shalkarbay Amirzhanovich was awarded with letter of thanks for their active participation in the conference of students.

The participants of the conference:





Sudina Elizaveta


Development of social partnership in Kazakhstan

Kurmantaeva Bibinur Beksultanovna

Akhmetova Ardak Toktasovna

Dalabaeva Aziza


WED қосымшаларды құрудың заманаи уиәдістері мен оларды қолдану тәсілдері 

Rom Aliya Rimovna

Suleimenova Azhar


Қазақ халқындағы сыйлық беру алмасу дәстүрлері

Malgazhdarov Kuat


Dauletkulova Zhanar


Class "tore" in the social organization of the traditional Kazakh society.

Malgazhdarov Kuat


Boyarskiy Danil


Computer games: for and against?

Umirbaeva Gulnar Nurfikeevna

Olexienko Olesya


Valeologization of  educational work as a condition for the creation of health-promoting environment

Nazarenko Lyudmila


Trutneva Anastasiya


Features of the development and education of boys and girls

Chernorai Irina Vladimirovna

Vladykina Olga


Features of the national character of the British people as an example of proverbs about animals.

Dzhakupova Ainash Kanzadinovna



February 14, 2014 in Pavlodar College of Art there was  the II Regional scientific-practical conference for students of secondary specialized educational institutions on a specialty "Design". The conference resulted in 1st place in the "Graphics" which took the student of group D-321 Zhunusova Zhenisgul (Theme: Still Life in graphics with elements of surrealism).

Student of the D-311, Klimashova Margarita  was awarded certificate of participation (Theme: The idea of destruction and rebirth in the graphic still life). Letter of thanks for their active participation in the II Regional scientific and practical conference was awarded a research supervisor, Karptsova Galina.

Participation of teachers in college scientific conferences

• On  May 16, 2014 on the basis of the Pavlodar college-ferrous metallurgy took place International Start-practical conference on the theme: "Patriotic education of youth in contemporary social and cultural space." From college InEU, Malgazhdarov Kuat Alibekovich and Isenalinov Azamat Ramazanovich, teachers of the college participated in the conference .

 • The 1 place  in the conference in the section "Historical and cultural heritage" took MA in History, Isenalinov Azamat Ramazanovich (subject: "Influence of the search party for patriotic education in modern society."

In the section "The return to basics"the  3  place  was replaced by Master of Cultural Studies Malgazhdarov Kuat Alibekovich (Topic: "On introduction of the educational institutions of the subject" History of the Kazakh aristocracy ").

• On 5 March 2014, in the "House of Friendship" was held republican scientific-practical conference "Religion and Tradition" .Koordinatory Conference Office of Religious Affairs of Pavlodar region, KSU "Center for analysis and development of interfaith relations." The participants were representatives of governmental organizations, religious groups, students and teachers of VET.

• The conference on InEU College was attended by Deputy Director on educational work Elubaeva Kunsulu Petrovna, a teacher of social sciences, cultural studies Master Malgazhdarov Kuat Alibekovich, 1st year student of II-113 Sushkov Denis ., 1st year student of  group F-123 Dalabaeva Aziza Kairtasovna.



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