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about the specialty 0101000 "Pre-school education and training",

  qualification 0101013 "Tutor of preschool organizations."

Duration of training:

n the basis of basic secondary education - 3 years 10 months;

on the basis of general secondary education and distance learning - 2 years 10 months.


anguages of study in the specialty: state and Russian.


Reception of documents:

Full-time tuition from                                            20.06.2019 to  08/20/2019

Distance learning form from                                 06/20/2019 to  09/20/2019


List of required documents for admission:

1. Education Certificate (original + 1 copy)

2. Medical certificate on the form number 086-U (stamp of fluorography, neuropsychiatrist, narcologist, for disabled people of groups I and II and disabled since childhood conclusion of medical and social expertise)

3. 4 photos 3x4 cm.

4. ID (for identification)


Examinations (subjects, passing score):

On the basis of basic secondary education (on the basis of 9 grade):

1.Russian language (Kazakh language)

2. Russian literature (Kazakh literature);

On the basis of general secondary education and distance learning (on the basis of 11 grade):

1.Russian language (Kazakh language)

2. History of Kazakhstan (History of Kazakhstan)



Competition is held:

• based on the scores of UNT certificates;

• on the basis of certificates awarded on the basis of the results of entrance examinations held in the form of comprehensive testing for admission to universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• on the basis of points (grades) obtained on the basis of the results of entrance examinations in subjects and in the form of testing conducted by EKINEU College.


During the competition for enrollment, the sum of points from three subjects specified in the UNT certificates or comprehensive testing is taken into account.

When conducting entrance exams

In the testing form, the number of test tasks (questions) for each subject is -25, the correct answer for each test task is estimated by 1 point; 2 hours and 15 minutes are given for testing in three subjects,  in two subjects - 1 hour 30 minutes.

In the form of examinations in the subjects of evaluation "3", "4", "5", obtained by the results of entrance examinations are translated by the selection committee into points on the following scale:

score "3" - 8 points,

score "4" - 17 points,

score "5" - 25 points.

The applicants who have received:

less than 20 points from two subjects, for those with basic general education;

less than 30 points out of three subjects for those with general secondary education.






- To master the methods of preschool and general pedagogy; know the psychology, age physiology and hygiene, the basics of first aid;

- To possess the ethics of communication, psychological and anatomical and physiological features of the development of children and the order of actions in extreme situations that threaten the life and health of children;

-Know and use the functions and content of educational work, methods of diagnosis of the children's team;

-To master the method of teaching subjects; apply modern methods, techniques, forms and means of training and education;

To develop curiosity and mental abilities in children, to form educational activities;

- To educate in children aesthetic perceptions and judgments; develop artistic taste and creativity;

-To teach children cultural and hygienic skills and foster a conscious attitude towards their implementation, to form skills for household work;

- To form in children a correct understanding of the simplest phenomena of the environment, the development of cognitive mental processes;

- To master ways of organizing regime processes and studies;

- To be able to identify specific educational and educational tasks taking into account the age and individual characteristics of children of preschool age;

- To possess the techniques of aesthetic development of the child, to teach singing, drawing, dancing, to organize children's leisure. To teach music, ethics and aesthetics, painting;

- To own ways of organizing desktop, didactic, computer, intellectual games in different age groups;

-Comply with the rules of internal labor regulations, personal hygiene, instructions for the protection of the life and health of children; timely undergo a medical examination, laboratory tests;

-To possess the basics of developing educational and program documentation, to be able to analyze the content of pre-school textbooks and teaching aids in the subjects of pre-school training and education.

College base: 24 classrooms, of which: 14 classrooms of special disciplines, 2 classrooms of general educational disciplines, 6 laboratories, 2 workshops, a buffet with 36 seats. Gym and library.

Practical base: In order to facilitate the employment of graduates, the college closely cooperates with the kindergartens of Ekibastuz city:

MSOE Nursery - Gardens: No. 2 "Baldyrgan", No. 3 "Yia", No. 5 "Zhuldyz", No. 8 "Teremok", No. 6 "Zolotaya rybka", No. 9 "Raduga", No. 10 "Skazka", No. 12 “Aray”, №13 “Altynai”, No. 15 “Bobek”, No. 16 “Baldauren”, No. 22 “Balbobek”, No. 23 “Balaus”, No. 24 “Ainalayyn».

Employment base: The objects of professional activity of a specialist in secondary qualification are: all types of pre-school organizations, regardless of their forms of ownership.






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