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In paragraph 48 of the event plan for the realization of Development Concept of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

Saturday, 27 October 2018 17:05

Elderly Day in Ekinou

Report on the International Day of Older persons in EKIneU


         October 1 is the international day of Older persons. This holiday gives an excellent opportunity to express deep respect and say warm words of gratitude to all the elderly people for their conscientious work, for their great life experience, kindness, wisdom.




19.03.2018 G. held a conference on the results of the manufacturing practice group, P-325, occupation: 0201000 "Law" under the guidance of a teacher Kasenova Sarah Kolbaeva.

      The theme of the conference "we have chosen the road to the future...".

      The conference was attended by specialists of production.
      Students-trainees presented reports on the practice held at the enterprises:


     - The city court of the city of Ekibastuz,

     - The administrative court of the city of Ekibastuz

     - SE " education Department of akimat of Ekibastuz»  

     - "Nur Arlany" LLP in Pavlodar

     - Tson G. ekibastuza

     - The Prosecutor's office in Ekibastuz

     - ATC GUP Ekibastuz (juvenile)

     - Justice of Zhelezinka area

     - The Prosecutor's office of Petropavlovsk


     During the conference, students shared their impressions about the practice, about their work in various structural units of the enterprise, told about what new professional skills they received, what problems they solved in the course of practice.

     Were the best records of the following students: Gateway Karina, Orazalinova alia, Darovoe SAI, Egeubayeva Kamila, Eginbaeva Dianne.







In LLP "Ekibastuz College of Innovative Eurasian University" on 27.04.2018 was held the traditional event "Presentation of graduates of pedagogical Department "specialty" Primary education "with qualifications" teacher of primary education "and" Teacher of a foreign language of primary education", as well as specialty" Pre-school education and training "with qualification"Teacher of pre-school organizations".

The purpose of presentation information about graduates to organize a meeting with employers of educational and preschool

educational institutions of the city within the "job Fair".

This produces 101 graduates, trained by the state order:

    Teacher of primary education with a state language of training-23человека; with Russian language of instruction – 17чел.
    Teachers of foreign (English)language of primary education with the state language of education – 20 people.
    Educators of preschool organizations with the state language learning -41.

On the "job Fair" took an active participation of city Department of education, represented by the chief specialist Uskenbaeva, G. B., specialist with KSU "Center of employment of Astana akimat Ekibastuz" Sboeva VA employers schools of the city № 4, 7, 11, 18, 22, 24, 25, heads of pre-school organizations № 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21,22., also came our graduates of the previous years, now working in the named institutions.

At the round table, employers interviewed graduates. Future young professionals presented their resumes and portfolios.     

  As a result, 30 graduates of the specialty "Primary education" and 35 graduates of the specialty "Preschool education" were offered vacant places in preschool institutions, schools of the city and the rural region.

36 students plan to enroll in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan and other countries for full-time and correspondence courses.


Sagindikova Bagdat M. –

head of pedagogical

 Department of Ekineu




Wednesday, 02 May 2018 15:17

Scientific work




Under the guidance of Galina Petrovna Chekurda-teacher Ekineu created a scientific work on "the application of graph theory in primary education." The aim of this paper is to: correct and versatile use of graph theory in school for the development of logical and abstract thinking.

During the presentation of scientific papers presented at the III international scientific and practical conference of students "Intelligence of students of the XXI century: realization of opportunities, prospects" of Pavlodar region, I can say that modern youth is growing not fake interest in science and technology.

In the section of technical disciplines, students raised questions about the role of wifi in our life, youth and self-employment, employment of youth with disabilities, organization of production safety, environmental pollution by exhaust fumes of vehicles in the city Ekibastuz, ways to improve the competitiveness and the prestige of working professions. Also presented their inventions: new generation batteries, portable led lamps, home-made charger.

In each work of the participants there was novelty, individual approach to solving certain problems, creative realization of the practical part of the scientific work. All this contributes to the professional literacy of students, the development of analytical and critical thinking and further motivation for the development of scientific works.

Karazbaev Gulzira Galimzhanovna




Wednesday, 02 May 2018 13:47


has pagan roots, it is a celebration of nature worship. Nauryz is celebrated on March 22 on the day of the vernal equinox. On this day, the heavenly bodies: after a year of circulation, the constellations and stars come to the point of their initial stay and begin a new path - the circle. Nauryz in Kazakhs is called "Ulystyn uly kuni", which translated into Russian means"the Great day of the people."

In Ekineu: "Ethnoaul-2018" was held a mass event, and the event was organized: "Uly is planned to open Zholy".

Our students presented their national costumes; Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tartars of Azerbaijan. Traditional national dishes were cooked.

Students of "Basic secondary education" issued in the Kyrgyz national costumes and elaborately prepared gourmet cuisine of its people has taken a worthy place.

From the group "Law", "Azerbaijan national costume" showed their skills in dance and won first place.

Group "education and training" took the second place, "the Tatar national costume" presented delicious food of his people

The specialty "foreign language Teacher of primary education" in Uzbek national costume took third place. Treated with exquisite pilaf (Palau).

The main treat on the festive dastarkhan was the dish "Nauryz kozhe". Nauryz kozhe is a ritual dish, a soup that includes seven components: water, meat, salt, fat, flour, cereals and milk. The figure seven itself has a sacred character among the Kazakhs. Seven components of Nauryz kozhe meant seven elements of life. Nauryz kozhe is the symbol of unity.

Our holiday ended with a treat "Nauryz kozhe" which we will remember for a long time. With all my heart, with all my heart and with all my heart warm congratulations on the bright holiday Nauryz. Happy New Year! The sun in your house of joy. To tables your always been rich, and a house full of guests, friends and relatives. Let the joyous laughter and the merry songs sound in your homes, and luck, success and abundance will always arrive in your life.

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