The logo of Ekibastuz InEU College is a combo that includes both visual and verbal elements on the background of blue circle.


To the fine elements is a globe, symbolizing all the world, which intends to operate the owner of the logo, through its educational and technical services ( as the College is part of the consortium of innovative University of Eurasia). On the background of the globe in the upper part depicts a stylized flying Seagull, symbolizing the free flight and indirectly indicating that the College is located in the city of Pavlodar, and in the lower part – book – a symbol of knowledge. Located on the Central line of the globe, the word "Ateneu", which is a neoplasm is an abbreviation based on the phrase "Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia", with letter abbreviations stand for: e - "Ekibastuz", "College", In "Innovation", E – "Eurasian" U – "University". The letters in italics in the standard font design.


Under the globe are drawn composite national Kazakh ornament, incorporating elements of "Aisha – bib" and "Koshkar muyiz". The ornament is made in yellow color.


Along the edge from left to right in yellow colour is the inscription "EKIBASTUZ COLLEGE INNOVATIVE University of Eurasia", which has no independent legal protection.


Elements of the logo: the globe, the book, the Seagull and the word "Ateneu" done in white with each letter in the word "Ateneu" further encircled by a yellow line, and the Seagull has a blue edging.


Thus, the color of a word "KAZAKHSTAN" in the ancient and modern Kazakh languages depicted on the flag match the colors of the College logo.