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Deadline for submission of documents:


Full-time education                                with 20.06.2018year. on 20.08.2018year.  
Distance learning                                   with 20.06.2018year. on 20.09.2018year.

List of required documents for admission

Education document (original + 1 copy)
    Medical certificate form number 086-U ( stamp fluoroscopy, neuropsychiatrist, psychiatrist, for disabled persons of I and II groups and disabled children, the conclusion mediko-social examination)
    4 photos 3x4 cm.
    Identity card (for identification)


On the basis of 9th class - 2 years 10 months 3 years 10 months
On the basis of 11 CL – - 1 year 10 months 2 years 10 months


Admission of applicants to the students of Ekineu is carried out on the applications of applicants on a competitive basis.

Admission to the College of Ekineu on educational programs of technical and vocational education, providing training of middle managers, is carried out on a competitive basis for full-time education from August 25 to August 28, for correspondence courses from September 15 to September 25.

The competition is held:


  • на основе баллов сертификатов ЕНТ;
  • на основе баллов сертификатов, выданных по результатам вступительных экзаменов, проведённых в форме комплексного тестирования для поступления в ВУЗы Республики Казахстан;
  • на основе баллов (оценок), полученных по результатам вступительных экзаменов по предметам и в форме тестирования, проведенных колледжем ЭКИнЕУ.

During the competition for admission takes into account the amount of points of the three subjects specified in the UNT certificates or comprehensive testing.

During the entrance examinations

In the form of testing the number of test items (questions) for each subject 25, the correct answer to each test task is estimated 1 point;
for testing in three subjects is given 2 hours 15 minutes, and in two subjects - 1 hour 30 minutes; codes of correct answers are posted immediately after the end of the test; test results are announced on the day of its conduct;

In the form of examinations in the subjects of assessment "3", "4", "5", obtained by the results of entrance examinations are transferred to the selection Committee points on the following scale:

    score " 3 " - 8 points,
    score " 4 " - 17 points,
    score " 5 " - 25 points.

Not allowed to participate in the competition for admission to the students:

less than 20 points out of two subjects, for those with basic General education, in the field of education, Economics less than 25 points;
    less than 30 points out of three subjects, for those with General secondary education, in the field of education, Economics less than 35 points.

State educational accumulative system

Kazakhstan has a new mechanism to accumulate money for the education of children with interest bonuses from the state

Since 2013, the state educational accumulative system (hereinafter - GONS) has been functioning in Kazakhstan.

The system allows each citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan to open in his or her own name or in the name of a child educational savings contribution, which in the future can be used to pay for education in colleges and universities of Kazakhstan and abroad. The operator of this system is JSC "Financial center".

To date, about 16,000 educational savings deposits have already been opened.

   On the educational savings Deposit by the Bank-member of the GANS is charged a monthly fee-14% per annum (HPP-15.2%) and annually the state is charged a premium-5% or 7% (for the preferential category):

The features of education savings Deposit:

The state premium, as a type of income, is not taxable;
    Educational savings deposits are the object of guaranteeing the Kazakhstan Deposit guarantee Fund up to 10 million tenge;
    The minimum initial payment is 3 MCI (6 363 tenge in 2016).);
    Accumulation period - up to 20 years;
    The opportunity to get an educational loan in the Bank under 100% guarantee of the state represented by JSC "Financial center" MES.

Upon receipt of an educational grant, the depositor has the right to:

withdraw savings together with the premium from the state;
    transfer money to another child;
    accumulate further for other levels of education

* The state premium and the Bank's remuneration are capitalized and the overall yield is up to 22.2%, due to which the depositor, by purchasing education services, saves on expenses up to 30-70%.

To open an educational savings Deposit:

    STEP-Choose one of the banks-participants of GONS;
    STEP is to Open an educational savings Deposit.
    STEP-Make a down payment.


- identity card of one of the parents;
- child's birth certificate and IIN.

For advice call to JSC " Financial center»:

Free hotline: 8 800 080 28 28. Tel.: 8 7172 695 044, 695 045, 695 047

Address: Astana, Tauelsyzdyk Ave. 8


Our graduates have the benefits of training in Innovative University of Eurasia

Ekibastuz, Mashhur zhusupa street 23, tel: 8 (7187) 75-44-74, 75-43-50

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