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Domestic Policy Department akimat Ekibastuz
Ekibastuz city leaders
On the Regional Youth Conference


In Ekibastuz college Innovative University of Eurasia holds regional youth conference "Ekibastuz city leaders," which was organized by the department of internal policy akimat Ekibastuz. Conference participants were students and teachers of educational institutions.
activities of the conference was in three ways:
1. On "Organize youth leisure" director IPO "SoltТЇstС–k Alliance" Tereshchenko AA
2. "Anotomii corruption" - a teacher of legal disciplines Akhmetov AD EKiNEU
3. "The formation of the religious education of the mind and" teacher Stories Berkimbekov ID and "member of the Muslim Women's League" Baygazina JJ
At the conference, current problems are risen to educate young people.Students and participants were interested is so importance and relevance of the problems relating to them, that is youth.Were presented videos and films, slides on current problems of society: corruption and other ways of the religion of Islam (sects).В Youth, our future, the future of all the people, all of the independent country! So educate and form in each is not just a "man", and the person-it is our duty ...

Berkimbekov Ibrahim Daribaevich.





Young scientists

       February 20, 2013 on the basis of Ekibastuz College Innovation Eurasian University held a competition of research projects "Eureka" among college students. Uchastovovali Ekibastuz students of Polytechnic College, Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute K.I.Satbaeva and Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia, total-16. All students are actively involved and interested in all the spectators. At the end of the contest, the jury voiced winner. Pobeditelt were awarded with certificates and other participants were given certificates of participation. Sit the following students:

"The best research abstracts character"

Amriev Aliyah Ekibastuzskiykolledzh Innovative University of Eurasia, the student gr.DV-321
KТ±rmanТ“azieva AygerС–m-Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia, student gr.NO-212

1st Baydumanova Kamila-Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia, the student gr.ESiP-429
1st Dzeitov Ilez-Ekibastuz Polytechnic College, Student gr.SZhDPH-10/9
2nd Bludushkin Sergey-Ekibastuz Polytechnic College, the student group SZHDPH-10/9
2nd Esmuhanova Madina-Ekibastuz Polytechnic college student gr. NO-212
3rd Auzhanova AygerС–m, Shambasova Bayan Ekibastuz Polytechnic College, students gr. NO-112
3rd Keruenbev Darkhan-Ekibastuz Polytechnic college student gr.1ERPS-11/9
3rd Baimukhambetov NТ±rsТ±ltan, Rublev Inna students Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute K.I.Satbaeva

Congratulations to all the winners and wish them every success!


Best profession teacher -teacher


eve of Women's Day in the Ekibastuz Innovation Eurasiy University College was Competition "Best Professional teacher-educator" among students 2-3 courses Humanities pedagogicheskogootdeleniya have passed at least one stage of technological practice.

The competition was organized to implement tvorcheskogopotentsiala students increase the motivation to quality педагогическогообразования and a creative group of students for provedeniyadalneyshey career guidance in schools of the city and the region. Etopo actually start the project "Students students, determining the choice!" Consisting of a few large cases avtoromkotorogo is departmen Ten MI


On the first qualifying round of 12 essays were submitted natemu "My profession is the best!". Five winners of round 1 on the eve attended sostyazaniyahtvorcheskogo and professional skills, which consisted of 7 stages " business card "," Defile clothes "," Homework "," Skilled Hands not znayutskuki "," The Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, "" I can speak ", the" Organizer ". Konkursstal truly riot of creativity, imagination and artistic skills of future teachers and educators. Tsaryaschayav hall atmosphere of empathy, positive communication, joy, discovery of talents, admired member, created the perfect pre-holiday nastroenie.Bolelschiki that acclaimed each performance became aktivnymiuchastnikami activities: art produced numbers; wall newspaper devoted contestant; posters.


Performance of each contestant were dostoinstvuotseneny professional jury, which was attended zam.direktorapo educational work of the Kazakh girls' school Ekibastuz ZhumadylovaK.B. and the head of the nursery garden в„– 9 "Rainbow" Makulbaeva AK podpredsedatelstvom Deputy Director uchebnoyrabote EKInEU Spankulovoy BA

Jury poslenedolgih discussions decided to give gifts, ribbons and certificates for categories:

В« Handyman В» - Amanzholova Madina , a student majoring 2kursa "Primary EducationВ»

В«best organizerВ» - Khamraeva Lyudmila student 3kursa specialty "Early Childhood Care and EducationВ»

next participants were presented with gifts, ribbons and awards in the categories:

В« Talantlivyypedagog " - SaТ“ynТ“ali MaygТЇlstudentke 3 course specialty В«Basic secondary educationВ», diploma of 3 degrees.

В«creative teacherВ» - Kuandykova Shinar, 2 nd year student "Primary education", diploma grade 2

The winner of the contest, the owner of the film" The best teacher-educator "and a diploma of 1 degree was 3rd year student specialty "Preschool education training" Seitova Zhuldyz.

Ekibastuz city was shot ipokazan TV news report about the celebration of creativity, skill and imagination vEKInEU.


Takderzhat, teachers and educators! 






Today in our college the day of self-government is going on. At the entrance the students meet the teachers, congratulate them. Everybody is in good mood. The day began with the meeting devoted to the В«Teacher dayВ».





This day the dreams of the students to teach their teachers came true. The best students were teachers, the teachers were students.




Our teachers learnt a lot of interesting from the lessons of Geography (Turekesh K), Music (Auzhanova A), PWT (Sheiko G), Psycology (Dementieva A), Philosophy (Erdibekov T), Art (Yakovleva A). After the lessons the students invited the teachers to listen to the concert.


The teachers were like real students, they had –a credit book, and the ticket of a student.


Week SSC engineering and energy sciences

January 8 Students of VTiPO-429 a master class "Creating a greeting card with animation effects" for teachers college.
Responsible for the event: Komisarenko LG
Prepared event: Gordienko Vladimir Volodin Vladislav, they explained the board imaging technology, and the other students helped in the field, if someone misunderstood how to perform some operation. The master class was fun and interesting. All completed the task, both very beautiful cards.



January 9, 2013 in the week of the technical and economic subjects in college Ekibastuz InEUsredi representatives of the first courses were organized intellectual show В«ScrabbleВ» under the slogan В«Not kisni Hang on a rainbow В».


Organizers: math teacher Chekurda GP, professor of computer science Barlybaeva GA,

Helpers: students of VTiPO-320 - Aytmagambetova A. Walter, D., J. Shaimardanova The jury also included students of VTiPO-320 - V. Gordienko, Omarov R., and chairman of SSC technical and economic disciplines Komisarenko L.G ., head of full-time technical and economic disciplines Smagulova S. Ya ., Methodist Duspekova SS

show began with a warm-up, which was a question of mathematics. And the question was one of the three languages (Russian, Kazakh and English). Participant with the highest score had the right to choose the category of the question. There were four: В«Queen of the Sciences", "computer", "young generation", "MiscellaneousВ». In the intellectual show used a special program developed by a student group VTiPO Andrei Knyazev.

original is found issues in the В«The young generationВ» , issues related to the home town, the youth.

intellectual show prize winners were:

I place - Beisembaeva A., student group HO-122,

II place - Zhunusbekova A. (HO-112),

III place - Shagiakhmetov M. (F-122).


At the beginning of May Kazakhstan celebrates one of the kindest and lightest holidays- the day of the people’s unity of the Republic. Before its celebration the representatives of the cultural center «Bratstvo» visited our college. The meeting was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere and nobody was indifferent. The children were interested in everything- from the history of the center organization to the traditions and customs of Slovenic peoples. The young generation warmly greeted the singing of cheerful and lyric songs of Nenadova L., Efremova T., the family duet of the Ivanchiks- VasiliyVacilievich and Tatyana Victorovna. The participants themselves were moved by such a reception. In the conclusion of the celebration the students of the college expressed their wishes to the center. This meeting again demonstrated friendship and unity of Kazakhstan peoples.



Competition for Young akins ...

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Pavlodar region September 25, 2012 was held oblasnoy competition for young akins "Zhyrlaymyn, senі, tuғanөlkem». Competition organized by the Office of languages ​​development Pavlodar region and SCE "Pavlodarteleradio." The competition was attended by 26 young talents from all districts and cities of Pavlodar region of 16-25 years. The purpose of the contest - the development of the state language, to strengthen the culture of language, propoganda literature. In this competition represented EKiNEU 2nd year student Nurtai Aymyrza. The contest our student was awarded a diploma of 3 degrees. We wish the young talent of success ...


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