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In November 16, 2017, the Regional Conference "Healthy Youth - Healthy Future" was held in the Center of the Support of a Healthy Lifestyle as part of the International Day of Quitting.

              From the Ekibastuz College of the Innovative University of Eurasia, 6 students took part in the directions "Personality and Healthy Lifestyle", "Society and Healthy Lifestyle", "Health and Healthy Lifestyle", "Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity", "Physical Culture as a Means of Health Formation ". Students of the 1st course Tkletesova Akbota and Efremova Irina took  the 2nd place of honor.

In  Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute within the framework of the Republican scientific and practical conference "Alash: Heritage and Modernity" a regional competition of scientific and methodological developments of History teachers "Study of the activity of the Kazakh intelligentsia at History lessons with application of new approaches in teaching" was held. The contest was announced as part of the preparation and holding of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Alash movement and the Alas Hord government.
          From the Ekibastuz College of the Innovative University of Eurasia a history teacher Lyudmila Avdienko, who took the 3rd place among 20 contestants participated.

In November 4-5, 2017 in Almaty a competition of  research works within the framework of  ХХХХ of the open Republican (with the International participation) scientific and practical conference of schoolchildren, students and young teachers "We are the future of  Kazakhstan" took place. This conference provided for 2 stages. The best 20 works were selected for participation in the scientific and practical conference "Science without borders", which will be held in February 2018 in Moscow.

Akimat of Kazalinsky district of Kyzylorda region in honor of the 115th anniversary of the public, state and political figure of the last century, the leader of the Kazakh youth Gani Muratbayev, the republican contest of the youth prize "Gani Muratbaev" was announced.
          This award is received annually by young people who have distinguished themselves in various spheres. Someone studies well, someone actively participates in public life, others have learned skills or some kind of talent.

Results of five regional competitions of Power

        01/24/2013 College of PSU PSU the final stage of the "5 regional competitions of Power" among students in secondary vocational schools.

November 21, 2012 in PL в„– 4 was a contest znamennyh groups and honor among studentsВ  colleges, submarines dedicated to "Independence Day of RepublicВ  Kazakhstan ". The competitionВ  Students PL в„– 4, PL в„– 18, EPA EKInEU, Ekiti, EYuK.Po the contest:

1st place was taken by students in Ekiti,
2nd place was shared by the team: EKInEU, EPA;
Third place was occupied by students PL в„– 4.


In the World days of quitting November 15, 2012, College students Ekibastuzkogo Innovative University of Eurasia held a variety of activities: - workshop of students against smoking, in which the activists of the student council Auzhanova Aigerim group ; BUT - 112 and Dusen Denmark Group F - 122 . They told the students about the dangers of smoking and its consequences, as well as give practical advice on how to quit smoking;

- action "Change your cigarette, a candy," our students happy to take an active part in it;

- competition for the best poster-slogan" Quit-breathe freely!. "

- Lecture specialist Center "HLS" Kalybaevoy Janat Omirzhanovny on the subject: "The consequences of smoking" as well as the students viewed the spectacular commercials about the dangers of smoking, the center provided В«healthy lifestyle."
We are pleased that our Students took an active part in the events dedicated to the prevention tabokokureniya.
Student Council, Chairman SSC class leaders Kapanova G.  

"Where to Study?"      

    February 9 on the basis of school в„– 10 school administration was organized a meeting of students of final 9 and 11 students with their parents. Theme of the meeting: "professional and personal orientation of graduates." To meet with alumni and parents were invited to all the educational institutions in our city: EKInEU, EPA, EGTK, Ekibastuz college в„– 18, в„– 4 Ekibastuz College, EKITI. Representatives from each school spoke about specialties and further employment opportunities produced professions.        EKInEU representing teachers spets.distsiplin proforientator Kapanova Gulmira Kadyrbaevna, which already operates three year career-oriented work with the school в„– 10, she told me about the specialties which are prepared by the school, opportunities for our college, alumni and parents viewed videos and slides. Interested students and also the organization of educational work in EKInEU - is involved in various urban and vnutrikolledzhnyh events, prizes in local and regional competitions, the organization SMTO in the summer, leisure students dual training opportunities, future employment and conditions of continuing education in the IUE at the end our college graduates to grade 9.


         Our college teachers contribute not only to produce quality professionals, but also versatile and personal development of its students.          I think that the graduates of school в„– 10, their parents will derive a lot of useful from such meetings, to think seriously about the profession, and will make the right choice.

Deputy director on educational workEKInEU Kishomarova AE










Feb. 28 in college EKITI a competition В« Best in specialty Computing В» EKInEU, EKITI, EPK, EMK, EGTK.




The competition consisted of the following steps:

1. Hello commands

2. 3. crimping network cable




Our College was represented by ( 1. (VTiPO-321) - Captain of the team

2. 3. 4. Vladimir Gordienko (VTiPO-429)

5. ; Vladislav Volodin (VTiPO-429)

6. Alexander Prokopenko ( VTiPO-429)

Our team took second place in the competition, the first place team from the owners contest EKITI , but we're still the best.

February 1, 2013. On the basis of the city was held EKInEU subject Olympiads, on subjects of philosophy of political science, the basics right.

It was attended by 29 students from 4 colleges.

1. EKInEU 9 pupils

2. EMK 5 students

3. EPC 11 students

4. EKITI 4 students



foundations of Law

I place Dzeitov Ilyaz YPC 

I place Mutisheva Symbat EKInEU 

II place Sadikova Galia EMK

II place Әlken Madina EKInEU 

III place Somoylova Veronica EPC

III place Tolegenova Aizhan EMK

Fundamentals of Philosophy

I place Oesterle Oksana YPC

I place Kireeva Anisa EPK 

II place Denis Grigoriev EKITI

II place Amanzholova Madina EKInEU 

III place Ovchar Anna EKInEU

III place AТ›tay Nazerke EPK

Fundamentals of Political Science and sotsialogii 

I place Kapysheva Dana YPC

I place Akhmetov Gulnaz EMK 

II place Baimukhametov Nursultan EKITI

II place Kurmangazieva Aigerim EKInEU 

III place Bogatyrev Mahammad EMK

III place Тљapar Qaisar EPK


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