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On the activities of Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia


1.General information

Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia as a separate College was established in August 2007.
Form of ownership private.
College training is offered in 9 specialties:

0516000 Finance (by industry)
0201000 Law
0105000 Primary education
010501 3 elementary school Teacher
010503 3 foreign language Teacher of primary education
0901000 Electrical equipment of power stations and networks (by type)
0902000 power Supply (by industry)
1304000 computers and software (by type)
0101000 pre-school education and training
0111000 Basic secondary education
0401000 Library

In 2009 opened the center for continuing education:
- training of workers of mass professions - kratkosrochnye;
- retraining in working professions;
- professional development in the field of workers and mid-level professionals.
2. Contingent
In the 2012-2013 academic year was implemented the admission of students on the basis of 11 classes on the "employment Program 2020" in the amount of 32 people, including 15 people on the specialty 0105000 "Primary education" in the state language of training and 17 people 0101000 on specialty "Preschool education and training" in the Russian language of instruction.
Enrollment day and correspondence departments on October 1, 2012 amounted to 1128 people, which is 117 more than in 2011, of them students of day form of education 734

3.Information on introduction courses: psychology, Kazakh law and international relations
In order to implement the tasks defined in the Program "Social modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty steps to Society of Universal Labor" the President of RK N..Nazarbayev on July 10, 2012 with the 2012-13 school year due to the variability, and Advisory hours optional curriculum was introduced compulsory training courses on the following subjects: "Kazakhstan law" - (12-20) hours (2-,4 course), "local History" - (12-20) hours (1-2 course), "Fundamentals of acmeology, personal and social success" - (12-20) hours (3-4 course)
4.Prospects of development
The College developed "a Comprehensive program of realization of strategy of Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia for 2012-2015" was adopted at the No. 1 pedagogical advice from 01.09.12 G.
This programme unites a number of programs aimed at creating conditions for modernization and the high quality of education in accordance with the requirements of the State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 and messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N..Nazarbayev to people of Kazakhstan.
Designed for engineering teachers, students and employees of Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia, international and corporate partners and the broad In the development of the program of implementation of the strategy for 2012-2015 is guided by the following principles:
1. Clarity, clarity, specificity of objectives;
2. Flexibility goals, timely response to various changes in the labour market;
3. Realism, i.e. the fulfillment of the set goals;
4. Constant improvement activities
Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia poses a number of strategic objectives:
1. To improve the quality of knowledge of students through introduction in educational process modern technologies and the rating of knowledge.
2. To ensure the growth of the scientific and pedagogical qualification of the teaching staff of the College on the basis of attestation, training and refresher courses.
3. To ensure the growth of participation of teachers and students in scientific conferences, competitions of all levels by integrating into the educational process the project method of teaching, the conclusion of cooperation agreements, increasing the number of publications in scientific and methodological publications.
4. To improve performance discipline staff when performing official duties due to stimulation activities and training of staff planning of the quality management system.
5. Contribute to the growth of the participation of teachers and students in cultural and recreational events in the process of formation of patriotism, tolerance, the culture of a healthy lifestyle.
6. Improve the infrastructure of the College through the acquisition of new equipment.
7. To ensure the growth set by increasing the number of career guidance events for area schools, appearances in the media.
Ekibastuz College Innovative University of Eurasia seeks to focus on the development of the quality management system. The strategic objectives we create and improve material base, taking into account the intellectual needs of youth, fostering the development of the base practices, improve skills of employees of the College employed as lecturers experts from industries.
In the Program it is possible to make adjustments and additions taking into account the normative documents of the Ministry of education and science, licensing requirements and accreditation, reorganization of structural divisions of the College.

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